Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to register in this competition? 

To register in this competition follow the instructions in this link

2.Who can participate in this competition? 

The competition is open worldwide for children aged between three (3) until eight (8) years old.

3. Where is the participation form?

To participate in the competition, fill the form in this link. 

(form link 3-4 years old) (form link 5-8 years old)


4. Does the competition focus on memorisation or tajweed?

The competition focuses mainly on memorisation, but there are scores for Tajweed as well.

5. Is it enough to upload the recitation audio clip?

You need to upload a video clip which includes audio video performance

6. What is the video submission format?

AVI, WMB, MOV, or MP4 format (MP4 and MOV format preferred).

7. Can I include voice effects or fixed photos in my recitation?

The recitation should be a live video clip without any voice effects.


8. Can I cover my face on the video?

The face of the participant must be clear in the live video.


9. Is there a Jury to evaluate the participants?

All recitations are evaluated by highly qualified jury members with academic, scholarly caliber, licensed in various Quran Ijazah, beside their expertise in evaluating local and international Quran competitions.


10. Can I cover my face on the video?

The following criteria are applicable in the evaluation process:
Memorisation: Accuracy of the memorisation.
Fluency: Overall flow of the recitation.
Tajweed: Correct pronunciation of the words.
Creativity: Beautification of the vocal element of recitation.

11. What is the Dress Code of the competition? 

All participants must adhere to the Islamic Dress Code. Please refrain from wearing clothes with any cartoon images, any brand and/or logo on it.


13. Can I withdraw from the competition?

Yes it is possible to withdraw from the competition, by sending a letter stating your details to [email protected]


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